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Snow peaks across the world will disappear by 2100

ice is melting in alaska

If one has witnessed the snow packed peaks of Alaska in 2000, be sure you save that image. Compared to its picture then, the peaks will have only 64 percent of the then snow by 2100, a new model predicts.

It is from 1977 to 2100, the new global climate model simulated snow cover on the world’s mountain ranges. This simulation reveals that, nearly half of their snow-bound water on the European and American mountains will disappear by the end of this century!

The model also predicts that the South American Andes and the snowcapped peaks of New Zealand will disappear completely in a similar way. The after-effect of this disastrous phenomenn is alarming. These declining winter snow packs would lead the people relying on the melting of snow for drinking, irrigation, and farming suffer greatly.

Via: Live Science