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Solar energy changes the face of Dezhou city

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Solar energy seems to be improving lives of people who fight poverty and lack of facilities every day. People living in rural areas of China are the ones who are deprived of comfort and facility. Dezhou, a medium-sized city located in east China’s Shandong Province, has seen times when people did not bathe for weeks, as affording water heaters was not possible and visiting public bathrooms was not as convenient. But, in the past decade, the city has looked up to solar energy to change things for the citizens.


Dezhou has gradually gained a reputation as a solar city. New water heaters and solar-powered street lamps are a common view now, thanks to the technology based on clean energy. Now people no longer have to wait for weeks to take a shower; they have installed solar water heaters at their own homes. By just paying 1,000 Yuan, people living in both urban and rural areas can enjoy a relaxing, hot bath in the comfort of their homes. During the night, the solar city dazzles with bright solar powered light that makes the city look even more appealing.

Looking at the potential of solar energy in Dezhou, many visitors from both home and abroad have hailed to the city looking for business opportunities. The city also hopes that the renewable energy source will help boosting the local economy as well. As many as 100 private solar-power enterprises are located here, accounting for 16 percent of China’s solar-powered water heating and have annual revenue of 5 billion Yuan.

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