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Solar ‘Fallen Leaves’ amalgamates local organic world with modern architecture

arsprogetti solar art installation 1

Inspired by Master Marco Gastini’s work, the “Fallen Leaves” is an artistic installation based on local organic world that can communicate the contemporary language of architecture. Designed by Laura Nicolini, Daniele Fanciullacci and Patrizia Barucco for the 2010 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition, this artful concept features three big sand dunes, on which rest groups of fallen leaves that appear like tiny insects. Randomly placed long sticks support the leaves that are basically a photovoltaic ceiling. The ceiling is made with particularly dimensioned polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels in the middle, while textile Sunshade is used on the edges.

arsprogetti solar art installation 2

Tested by a tension analysis, the flexible and corrosion resistant structure standing at an overall height of 32 m combines the use of L.E.D. and L.E.P. Copper-burnished colored leaves creates an aesthetically appealing visual impact that harmonizes with the landscape. The covered walkways are designed with metal frame and bricks particularly shaped to the arched roof for the sunscreens that allow to filter light and wide visibility. The entire surface area is coated with CIGS Thin Film Material. Illuminated with LEDs, the installation creates a brilliant ambiance at night. The Fallen Leaves is ideal for temporary expositions, teaching activities and also serves as locations for movies or spots, fashion shows, trading activities, etc.

arsprogetti solar art installation 3

Via: LandArtGenerator