Solar Ibex cooks your food at up to 300 degrees Celsius

solar ibex solar cooker 1

The solar tracking device that you see in the above image is no ordinary dish. Instead, it’s a solar cooker that follows sun to get the most amount of heat out of it. Dubbed as Solar Ibex, the foldable cooker makes a perfect camping mate for those who love journeying on a regular basis. A built-in mechanism allows it to cook or boil your food at up to 300 degree Celsius.

solar ibex solar cooker 3

The lightweight, packable cooker also features a built-in timer. A very efficient parabolic reflector keeps gathering solar juice to spice up your eatables. Various sized pots could be easily mounted on a three-pinned grill, whose height can be adjusted manually to allow just the right absorption of solar rays for boiling or baking.

solar ibex solar cooker 2

solar ibex solar cooker

Via: YankoDesign

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