Solar Power Provides a Brighter Tomorrow

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How many times have you been in your car driving, when you look along the roadway and see a bunch of discarded trash? Or the times that you are on the highway and a huge commercial truck is emitting a cloud of black smog? Unfortunately, those two scenarios are among the many times that we are polluting the planet. Pollution is everywhere and we are the culprits.


When looking at just the United States, we make up only 5% of the total human population; however, we use a startling 25% of all global resources. Yes…that means 5% uses 25%! We use huge quantities of resources, which means that we also produce plenty of waste. Whether it’s petroleum, natural gas or coal, we use crude energy resources for over 67% of our electric energy consumption. And these don’t even come cheap! In fact, most people spend 7% of their annual income on fueling their home! Back in 2013, the average residential monthly bill was a whopping $110.21.



There is something we can do to both protect the planet while also sparing our wallets. The solution is solar power. Solar is a sustainable, renewable energy source that is completely clean. Over the course of 30 years, you could save up to $30,000 while offsetting 178 tons of carbon. And that’s for just one household! Currently there is also a Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that provides a 30% tax credit on residential and commercial solar systems. On January 1st, 2017, the Residential Tax Credit portion will no longer be available; the Commercial Tax Credit portion will also then be reduced to 10%.


The time to switch to solar power is now. See.Solar can help you select the right company for your solar energy needs. Get a free quote today. Change must happen before it’s too late. Go green and start saving on your utility bills today!

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