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Solar powered car ventilator by Kulcar

by DrPrem Jagyasi

It is a burning hot summer day, and you have parked your car on the road outside, because the garage was full. As you open the driver’s side door, you noticed that the evasion heat is so thick and you are not able to take that anymore. The temperature inside the closed car under the blazing sun can quickly exceed up to 80 to 90 degree Celsius. You will be surprised to know that, when the temperature exceeds 65 degree Celsius, harmful fumes like methyl, acrolein, butanone, toluene, benzene and propyl benzene start surfacing from car’s internal material. These gases are very toxic and can cause cancer.


According to a research proved that the TVOC level of these compounds could exceed 12 times the cancer causing hazardous warning level when a car is parked under a burning sun for only one hour.

A Solar Powered Car Ventilator by Kulcar aims at providing passengers more comfort by efficiently lowering down your car’s temperature and at the same time, extending the lifespan of your car’s inner materials. It takes sun’s energy and convert it into low voltage energy is required to drive a small fan and this gadget can decrease your car’s interior temperature by up to 15 degrees.

It is one of the best products as it is easy to install and the instructions are easy to follow. It is eco- friendly product as it saves the fuel and it removes all the toxic chemicals from the car when it gets too hot. It is an affordable and a great way to cool your car in an environmentally safe way.