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Solar powered Monaco Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo

monaco pavilion1

As Shanghai prepares itself for the 2010 World Expo, another stunning masterpiece is created to take the excitement to a different level altogether. Naco architectures, an international firm has designed a sparkling solar powered pavilion enclosed with LED lights for the occasion. Dubbed the ‘Monaco Pavilion’, the structure is described as “rock surrounded by the dancing light of a perfect sea”.

monaco pavilion2

Taking inspiration from the waters of the Mediterranean, the 2000 square meter building is enveloped in an undulating high-tech façade that projects ripples of LED light across its face. The pavilion light up making use of a system that has a network of feeder pipes that constantly top up real miniature sea pools hidden behind the façade. The constant changes are reflected onto the glass envelope, which results in illuminating the pavilion. The project is designed to trap sunlight during the day and use it to light up the pavilion as soon as it gets dark.

monaco pavilion3

monaco pavilion4

Via: Inhabitat