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Solar-powered Trunz Water Trailer for disaster-torn areas

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With earth getting warmer with each passing day, the indirect consequences have shown up in the form of natural calamities on a somewhat regular basis in recent years. A Swiss-based company Trunz Water Systems has come up with a trailer-mounted, solar-powered membrane-based water treatment/desalination unit to normalize the off-putting impact of such natural disasters.

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The unique product, dubbed as Trunz Water Trailer, provides 250-900 L/h of potable water from any water source. It can be equipped with a solar-powered TWS 200 water treatment system or a TSS 200/TBS 200 desalination system and can be equipped with ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis for better results. The energy generated by solar panels/wind generator is stored in batteries and can be used for charging other devices as well.

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Moreover, a generator provides enough energy to keep the system running when weather plays foul. The compact, easy to install system needs no further equipments.

trunz water trailer

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Via: D&WR