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Solar-powered Wunda Weeder lets you lie down and dig deep

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It’s time for those pain struck faces to get a big smile. The garden-related task like weeding and harvesting often leaves you with aching backs and tired knees, not anymore. Environmental scientist Brendan Corry, and electronics expert Peter Sargent bring to you the Wunda Weeder to relieve you from the pain. This self propelled, electric powered, machine supports and transports the user in a lying down position, to enable planting, thining, weeding, transplanting or harvesting of raw crop vegetables, herbs or flowers.

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The Wunda Weeder includes solar panels on the top that generate energy to power the electric motor. It can be easily moved forward or backward using a single switch from the operating position. In order to direct the machine to any desired work area, all you have to do is walk behind and steers the Weeder exactly like a shopping trolley. It comes equipped with seedling trays, seed containers or weeding / harvesting buckets, which are easily accessible from the working position. Just by parting with $8,000, you too could get the opportunity to lie down and work.

Via: Gizmodo/Dvice