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Solar rucksack saves you from icy conditions

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Are you an adventure enthusiast? When, then I am sure you must have gone hiking and trekking in snow covered mountains many a time. Walking on the snow with ice-cold winds rattling through your body is certainly not a cakewalk. To maintain the bodily warmth of users in icy conditions, designers Kim Jangwoon, Lee Youngmin, Jung Soonho and Namgung Mina have come up with an innovative solution. The team has developed a backpack concept that will keep you from dying from the cold in harsh weather conditions.

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The solar rucksack incorporates solar panels on its outer surface that trap in solar energy and converts it to thermal energy. The heat produced is evenly distributed to the user’s body using a circular patch on the clothing that is attached to the backpack through a connecting pipe. Not only does it offer ultimate functionality, but it also takes aesthetics into consideration.

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Via: Tuvie

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