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SOLIVIA Solar inverters unveiled at the All-Energy Australian 2010

solivia solar inverters

To heat up the Australia’s largest solar event by a few extra degrees, the SOLIVIA Solar Inverters proudly made its first time public appearance earlier this month. Developed especially for the Asian Pacific market at the All-Energy Australia Exhibition and Conference in Melbourne by Delta Energy Systems, these four new grid-connected inverters offer high-energy efficiency. They come equipped with overvoltage protection, heat protection, short-circuit protection and overcurrent protection.

The SOLIVIA solar inverters promise an efficiency of up to 96 %, thanks the high frequency transformer technology. Whether it is traditional photovoltaic modules, rear-side contact modules or thin-film modules, these inverters are compatible with all solar module types. It comes fitted with multi-country software that allows an easy configuration of the device for any specified country.

Since the inverters sports a compact design with dust-tight, shock proof IP65 casing, they are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. They can function perfectly with a wide temperature range and are therefore especially qualified for operation in warmer climates. The solar inverters come with intelligent MPP tracking and extract maximum performance from the solar cells under all operating conditions. Out of the 3,000 visitors who hailed from more than 20 countries, a huge number of them took time to have a look at the SOLIVIA Solar Inverters.

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