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SoundRide to be an eco-friendly traveling radio at events

by DrPrem Jagyasi

While you may have noticed vehicles having radio equipment for broadcasts and announcements, SoundRide is a far more advanced version of them. Designed by Ciro Davilafrom Italy, SoundRide is actually a vehicle that is made to be friendly to the environment through its green design. Find out more about this wonderful traveling radio.

The sustainable vehicle design

This solar-powered vehicle has the design of a hybrid quadricycle. While it allows the use of manual energy, it also combines it with solar power captured by four monocrystalline solar panels installed on the vehicle’s roof.The design of SoundRide is modular. That is why it can also be configured as a radio station.

SoundRide is a zero-emission vehicle that can generate around 25 percent of the total requirement of energy for powering its motors. However, its solar panels generate more than sufficient amount of energy that is needed to run its radio components.

The traveling radio supports its functions with the use of an amplifier, microphone, and inverter. Four lithium LiFePO4 batteries are required to run it. The vehicle has a rotational seat that helps the driver to move around whenit is time to put it inradio mode.In radio mode, the back of the vehicle stays open and direct broadcast can be done using its radio equipment installed there.

Additionally, the vehicle has two bags installed at the back. While a small bag stores electronic components like a mixer and laptop, the bigger bag stores other accessories that may not be required at all times. Elastic fastening is done for these bags so the vibrations can be reduced while the vehicle moves.

Useful applications

SoundRide  2

SoundRide is an efficientvehicle that can be used at varied broadcasting events where there are promotional requirements. It can give a voice to everyone. If some firms use it for their campaigns and advertising purposes, they can gain good visibility and attention. Since it runs on solar power, it is also an energy-efficient way to power radio equipment at sites where the events have to be organized. Additionally, it is effective when greater distances have to be covered in less time. With its modular design, it offers various other possibilities of application.

SoundRide is an eco-friendly quadricycle that has the capability to run on solar power and allow radio broadcasts at event sites.It is also a greener way to move around places with all the required radio component installations.

Source : Behance.Net