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SpeedStar BGP 323 design concept

The concept of making a street light is not a novel one. But, preparing an eco friendly and energy efficient street light with latest technology is really a novel one. SpeedStar BGP 323 Design Concept also falls under this street lightening category. It is a beautiful concept for developing a bright future. This street lightening concept is about balancing CO2 in our environment so that we can live a healthier and fresh life in future. The concept is expected to change our environment by 2025. BGP 323 Design is already on its way for development and it is waiting only for its final impact and commendation.

SpeedStar BGP323

Inspiration/Purpose behind the concept:

CO2 in atmosphere, across the planet, is increasing the problem of global warming. Tackling to this problem is very much necessary to save our planet Earth and to save our future generations. SpeedStar BGP 323 will definitely help us to achieve that target. As countries across the globe are in tremendous pressure to save energy and environment, SpeedStar BGP 323 Street lighting concept will positively bring good result.

Ritt Bjerregaard, mayor of Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, is very much ambitious to implement this concept in the city for the first time in this World. She admits her seriousness with SpeedStar BGP 323 street lighting design and implementation to make her busy capital as the pioneer to have neutral carbon dioxide system.

Design and technology behind:

SpeedStar BGP 323 will not only bring an impressive image of a city administration but also provide a great community or public service. This new trend of street light will be standing tall on streets with superb design. The base of these street lights will be versatile and compact in design. SpeedStar BGP 323 will brighten up the streets with energy efficient LED lights. The lighting element are durable will be easy to replace with little maintenance. Thus, these street lights will not create any fiscal burden and maintenance load on the community or authority.

SpeedStar BGP 323 is an innovative street lighting design concept that is created by Stefano Marzano under Royal Philips Electronics. A team of proficient lighting designers are working on this concept to perform the task swiftly. They are giving so much attention on designing this new street light. Implementation of this technological concept for public areas will open up a new chapter in terms of lightening up the street especially for urban areas.

The installation of these new generation street lights will ensure that a developed area or locality will not emit any extra CO2 into atmosphere. The concept will balance CO2 emission in atmosphere up to its requirement only. Any extra CO2 emission is not healthy and environment friendly for human being.

Summing up:

SpeedStar BGP 323 are simple to recycle lights that will stand like an elegant sculpture or architecture in urban areas. It is only a matter of time to apply this concept in practical terms. Thus, BGP 323 will surely meet the requirements across the globe to save energy and environment.

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