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Spiritex – Sustainable solar-powered shirt vending cart

Spritex solar powered T-shirt cart

Have you heard about a solar powered T-shirt cart? If not, then you have to checkout the Spiritex, which is a T-shirt cart that is powered by the sun. This sustainable cart derives its entire energy requirements by using solar energy – may it be for lighting, powering a fan or even for swiping cards – the Spiritex cart does it all! This one-of-a-kind ‘green’ cart can be spotted in downtown Asheville particularly on the corners of Biltmore and Patton avenues. Apart from being an eco-friendly vending cart, the business conducted is also ‘green’ as organic T-shirts are the merchandise that you can buy from it.

This innovative idea is the brainchild of Derek Sanders – a Spiritex employee. The rooftop of the cart has a solar mechanism that provides enough energy to charge a battery for operating a small fan and evening lights. There is also a charging system for the iPhone-based device used for swiping the credit/debit cards of the customers who are buying the goods.

The sustainability quotient of the Spiritex is very high as the body of the cart is mostly (about 60%) made out of salvaged and used material. For instance, the wheels of the cart are actually those from an old mountain bike and the aluminum shelves and siding is also reused material as well. The cart was put together by Alex Kramer to create a sustainable and green model of a sustainable shop on wheels.

Solar energy is fast becoming a viable option and many organizations and homes are opting for it despite the considerable investment required. Many governments are also subsidizing this renewable energy source in order to make it more attractive for people. There will come a time when most of our home and offices will be run by the sun – a futuristic probability!

Via: Mountainx