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Sprout unveils new watch straps crafted with waste fish leather

Sprout’s new eco-friendly watch straps

Sprout Watches has recently come up with a new range of watches that use fish-skin in place of leather. The skin of fish like carp and salmon, which otherwise would be rendered as waste, is the raw material for making these innovative straps. Sprout has already made a wave with its organic cotton and corn-resin strap watches and this fish-skin variety will be showcased this fall at Nordstrom. The batteries used in these watches, like all Sprout timepieces, are mercury-free as Sprout believes in keeping the Earth green and clean.

The company does its best to make Sprout a green organization by recycling old watch batteries and used paper, by turning off the equipment and lights when not in use and choosing to carpool in order to save on fuel consumption. All products at Sprout Watches reflect their responsible nature towards the environment and their watches speak volumes of their endeavor to provide the best quality in watches albeit in an eco-friendly manner.

The fish skin used for the watches is one that has been scrapped and is never from forbidden or endangered species. Sprout’s determination to make watches with a green message is a brilliant initiative on their part. So what if their watches aren’t water-resistant (as the biodegradable materials cannot withstand water), they still look fantastic and should be flaunted with pride as they make the wearer a part of the movement to save our Earth.

Via: Ecouterr