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Stay Grounded: Stunning underground eco-house for a mysterious stay

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Wouldn’t living underground where no one could see you be enthralling? So, get prepare to fell the excitement run down your spine. Materica Studio has designed a house that has been lowered into the ground. Christened as “Stay Grounded”, the house dug into the ground features perimeter walls, lush green roofs and gardens. The house has no windows on the external perimeter creating a very secret look, but that doesn’t mean the house sacrifices on the natural daylight.

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The house has an inner courtyard that flaunts beautiful trees. It enjoys natural ventilation, thanks to the light and air cannons. One can build multiple houses within rock-throwing distance, two houses with one “green energy hill.” A green energy hill is covered with photovoltaic cell panels and microaeolic generators, allowing to the house to be completely energy independent.

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In order to control the temperature of the house, a geothermic systems is buried underneath the floors, which allows introduction of water and/or air at a constant temp of 18/20 celsius. This also saves upon the energy that would be required to maintain a suitable temperature inside. This Underhill House offers a smart, affordable and green way of living.

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Via: YankoDesign