Steps an individual can take in the fight against global warming


Green house effect and global warming is one issue that is too popular across the globe. Everybody knows what it is, why and how it happens. However, not many people think it their responsibility to contribute towards saving planet from such disastrous situation. Global warming is not happening because of just one person but because of all, so all of us should consider it our responsibility to stop this dangerous phenomenon anyhow. You can do these simple yet highly effective following things to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Smart Driving

Smart Driving

You should try to walk to places rather than driving in a car, and only drive your car when it is actually required. You should know some smart driving tips using which your driving would have minimal of impact on environment. Smart driving tips include turning off engine when you are stuck in traffic, having all tires properly inflated, and the condition of your car must be good all the time because it helps improving fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emission.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

reduce, reuse and recycle note

You should try to reduce waste, and ensure proper disposal of waste so that it does not end up in landfill sites and pollute the environment. The best way to reduce waste is reuse; opt for things that are reusable, like avoid disposable plates and spoons and use the reusable ones, and more. Whatever waste you have, do not litter it just about anywhere but arrange for its proper disposal. The waste that can be recycled should be sent to recycle plants. If there are no recycle plants available in your area, bring this to the notice of high authorities and try to get one.

Make your home or office energy efficient

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Switch off lights and power points when not in use. Change traditional light bulbs and get LED lights that are much more energy efficient. Wash your clothes in full load every time, and use cold or warm water and not hot water, as it consumes a lot of electricity. Avoid drying clothes in a drier, as it is an energy hog, hang dry clothes outside. Install solar panels on the roof to fulfill the hot water requirement. Use solar energy to insulate your home and office so that you do not use heating appliances, thus, saving energy. Make your toilets at home and bathroom green, the ones that use lesser water and no wastage at all.

Plant trees

Young man planting in the garden

Carbon dioxide is increasing day by day and the numbers of trees are reducing. Plants and trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen but it seems some people have forgotten this fact because they do nothing to prevent further reduction in the number of trees. You do your own bit and grow trees in your vicinity, plants in your garden, and wherever possible.

Minimal plastic usage

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It is not possible to discard plastic usage completely but you can surely mitigate it. Look for all possible plastic alternatives and use them. For instance, stop using disposable stuff that is usually made of plastic and use the permanent and reusable things. When you go out shopping, do not carry plastic bags but paper and cloth bags.

The climate change or global warming we call it is not a result of any individual’s or a group’s actions but everybody on this planet is responsible for a high and low contribution to it. Therefore, everybody’s responsibility to think of ways and do everything can save our planet from any further damage.

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