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Stockholm Royal Seaport merges modern architecture with sustainability

royal seaport district

Breaking the norms of developing eco-cities focused on just energy-efficiency and green building material, the Stockholm‘s Royal Seaport District is looking forward to using a more holistic approach. The administration of Stockholm announced on Monday that it will take progressive steps towards developing a new urban district – Stockholm Royal Seaport for sustainable living, business and recreation. The 236-hectare former industrial site has just started with basic soil remediation and infrastructure work.

Thought the complete revamping is expected to finish by 2025, the first residents will be allowed to move in within two years. Residents of the new district will be able to charge their electric cars at one of several charging stations. The ones who cannot afford EVs could use extended city tram service or biogas-powered buses for commuting. The buildings will all have maximum energy efficiency and a unique recycling system. Stockholm wants its new Seaport District to reduce carbon emissions to 1.5 tons per person.

Via: FastCompany