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Stream converts vehicle airflow into electric energy


Speedy cars dashing through the roads could soon be known as energy producers. Lukas Franciszkiewicz has developed a system that converts air stream produced by driving cars into energy. Dubbed the “Stream”, the system is attached laterally to the road and the air stream leads to movement of the system. Every element of the system is coated by a sturdy piezo-electric foil, which stretches on movement, producing energy. The wavy movement of the elements triggers the fin ray effect, which shoots from the bionics, and is integrated into the system.


The system’s elements consist of two braces that are attached to some lamellae lead to a flexible movement. Whenever a driving cars pass these elements, the impression of a bow wave is expressed, which smoothly swings along the movement of the car, hence producing energy. The concept not only produces energy, but also enhances the aesthetics. Franciszkiewicz claims that the Stream is ideal for both, busy roads and high-frequented rail networks.


Via: IndustrialDesign