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Five striking examples of nature inspired technology

Nature inspired technology

Human mind always looks up to nature to resolve daily hurdles. Engineers too, though technically abreast, often seek solutions through nature’s way of dealing similar problems. Nature has always inspired scientists and technicians to evolve new mechanism and gadgets to meet requirements. In this article let’s learn some interesting nature inspired solutions.

1. Nature-inspired technology creates engineered antibodies to fight specific diseases

Engineered antibodies

This could be good news for people fighting cell specific diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer. A genetic engineering research group headed by medical scientist, Matthew De Lisa and his team has followed natural twin-arginine translocation pathway mechanism. Through this natural mechanism of human body, proteins like enzymes assemble into complexes and travel across cell membrane. Following this , Delisa and his team has tried to rewire this pathway with protective proteins called antibodies reacting with antigens. Cornell researcher is trying to create disease specific antibody in lab and target specific cells to kill the disease.

2. Mouse brain simulated on computer

Mouse Brain

It will be hard to say whether Hollywood blockbusters inspired research on artificial intelligence or otherwise, but mouse’s brain has certainly inspired many to make machine think. US engineers and computer experts have been successful in simulating half of virtual mouse’s brain on computer. The team of scientists from the IBM Almaden research lab and Nevada University tried to run a simulation on Bluegene L Supercomputer and found some similarities with mental makeup if mice. The research is on to enable machines to solve complex problems of future engineering.

3. Ants inspire new computer antivirus software


The unity that ants show when threatened by intruder is awe inspiring. It is nature’s way that when one ant detects an enemy, the entire community lines up to deter the adversary. This inspired computer programmers who constantly face the threat from Viruses and worms invading their valuable work.

A team of compute programmers from The Wake Forest University of North Carolina are on their way to develop an anti virus software in form of “digital ants”. These digital ants will jointly deter the threat posing computer networks. The digital ants will be on constant prowl to find infection and deal with it instantly. Program experts believe that this will have an edge over conventional security software which requires updating frequently.

4. New Airplane Design Mimics a Seagull


In an era where constant increase in fuel prices is cause of concern worldwide, aircraft designers are trying to develop innovative designs which will enhance energy efficiency of an aircraft. They look up to nature to mimic natural fliers. Under one such effort, two aerodynamics experts, Jaochim Huyssen of University of South Africa and Geoffery Spedding from University of South Carolina have collaborated to create design similar to Seagull. A design with stubby body, crooked wing shape and short tails. The difference between conventional aircraft and new designis that instead of tail of the aircraft controlling the pitch, now crooked wings will control the stability of the pitch of an aircraft. Further trials are on to aceive aerodynamic efficiency, the design has aimed for.

5. Lizard-inspired robot can swim through granular material

Lizard-inspired robot

When natural calamities like earthquake strikes human habitations, many lives are simply lost because rescuers cannot reach the victims stuck under debris and rubble. Here’s an effort to find solution to this inspired by natural creature sandfish lizard. A snake like robot is being developed by Georgia Institute of technology. The designer scientists believe that soon this robot can travel amid granular debris and rescue earth quake victims who need immediate medical help.

Robot’s door stop like head is inspired by sand fish lizard’s head which further consists of seven connected segments encased in latex socks . The outer cover is made of spandex swimsuit. In the initial trials the robot has been able to swim through plastic granules. The trials are on to conduct robot movement test in real life earth quake like conditions. If successful, million of human lives can be saved worldwide where dearth of equipment to rescue victims has proved fatal.