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Stunning recycled lamps to adorn your dwelling

Lamps by Reima Honkasalo

‘Nothing is waste and anything is possible’ seems to be the ultimate thought Reima Honkasalo wants to make people of this world understand. An artist par excellence, Reima Honkasola literally gives new lease of life to object that we often feel like discarding. As a matter of fact, Honkasola works predominately with materials consist of industrial wastes or day to day rejected objects. And moreover, his finished products often change the purpose of the original, giving it an all new meaning and utility. Home decor has always been an object of fascination. And proper lighting arrangement can very well make or break the beauty of any space. Because of this very interest, Reima Honkasalo’s most artifacts are either lamps or lighting designs.

Born in 1963 in Tampere Finland, Reima Honkasalo is essentially a graphic designer and works with recycled redesign, graphic design and contemporary art. One of the most prominent reason for his fame is his inclination towards environmental issues which he beautifully addresses through the medium of art. Whether it is industrial design or folklore or art history, his work sends a strong message of being eco friendly and preservation of the nature. This is because he reiterates the fact that recycling and reusing rejected goods is the best way towards conservation of resources.

The blend of painting with sculpture adds royalty to his works. Painting has been an important part of his life over the years. In his early life Honkasalo did experiment with parting with two dimensionality of traditional oil painting. Using fabric and other materials marked his exclusivity. Though his mode of work mostly includes modern day designs and sculpture, yet one can easily see his love for painting in his works even today.

Reima Honkasalo’s designs are extremely stylish and eco friendly. Anything that one might consider an unnecessary object, is sure to find place in this brilliant artist’s workshop. Some of his landmark works are:

  • Lamps made out of broken iron box
  • Lamp made with the discarded meat mincer, which he renamed as “light mincer lamp”
  • Lamp made of canister lids
  • The Spira Lamp made of plastic strips of old light boxes and acrylic pipe

Materials ranging from discarded table fans to shower panels to iron box, there is nothing that his artistic brain does not find good enough to be used. Honkasalo’s artifacts not only add immense elegance in the living space but also give a glimpse of how and where even a least important thing can be used beautifully. The uniqueness of his designs is nothing but the artistic interpretation of waste materials and for sure, every time the result is better than the original.

Thanks, Reima Honkasalo