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Aesthetics of the rust: Elegant bags made of inner tire tubes

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A designer company from Columbia has come up with a unique idea of creating a collection of bags – backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, and wallets, all handmade from the recycled tire inner tubes from trucks. The bags are substantially durable and hardy, considering their sturdy tube material, along with their smart yet spunky design. Spacious pouches are also provided on the inside for carrying of bitty items.

The Designer

CYCLUS is a Colombian brand created in 2002 for ‘eco-friendly’ design products. Starting from humble beginnings with only two employees, Cyclus has steadily grown to offer employment to over 25 people in Colombia, as well to many others in France, Italy, Costa Rica, the United States and Canada, in addition to several; satellite workshops specially trained to handle their materials and expand production. Their goal is to reconnect with nature using design, art and science as means to live in harmony with the environment, creating a lifestyle with common sense.

So their simple yet resolute principles include- ‘re-utilization of urban materials, recycling of raw materials, minimal use of resources, less excess production, and the utilization of 100% environmentally friendly materials.’

Interesting facts

The bags are handmade from tubes of already used tires.
The rubber itself is recovered, sanitized and purified through a chemical free process, totally in a pollution free manner.
‘Eco-friendly’, sustainable design elements are incorporated, hence reducing the usage of raw materials. Makes an adventurous yet lively style statement.

The Creation

All of the individual design elements are created from recyclable sources, and finally amalgamated into the uniquely inventive end product. Bags including waterproof backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, and wallets are exclusively made out of used inner tubes from Colombia.

Intrinsic features constitute – Expandable system with zippers and ecosimple fabric membranes (100% recycled from scrap fabric and PET bottles), rubber strap lined with ecosimple material, secured by chrome rivets, internal little hook for keys, two magnetic snap closures, large capacity with three interior pockets and printed waterproof lining.

The Aesthetics

This collection encompasses revolutionary design concepts at the same maintaining the exclusive and dynamic sense of aesthetics. The combination of the audacious singularity of ‘Pangolin look’ and environmentally beneficial usage of totally recyclable materials makes this a truly exceptional creation. Adding to that the materials are themselves extracted in a fully chemical free and thus pollution free manner.