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Stylish BRS Shower System helps you save water

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Bathing is one of the simple everyday examples of how wasteful we can get with a precious resource like water. But, our careless and laid-back attitude never lets us take steps to stop this water wastage. So, to save and use water more efficiently, designer Frank Guo has come up with the idea of the “BRS Shower System.” This unique shower system is intended for water saving means while waiting for your shower water to heat up. The Bathroom Recycle System also features a shower panel along with a washbasin and toilet cistern on the other side.

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Storing the cold water, the transparent tank not only acts as storage but also helps to see the amount of water left to get a tap on water wastage. It also includes a temperature sensor and LED lights that glow to indicate the water temperature. The multifunctional design limits space usage, while flaunting great style.

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