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Stylish flip-flops pop out of recycled newspaper

Recycled Newspaper Flip-Flops 3

In the last two decades, recycling items of daily use has been accepted the world over as common wisdom. Newspapers are one of the most recycled items, and perhaps also the most misused, and abused. Over the years, newspapers have been recycled to produce many interesting things such as street sculpture, furniture, and innovative art displays. We can now add flip-flops to that growing list!

The image above shows a simple, clean cut, elegantly designed, and handcrafted flip-flop, aptly named ‘PaperFlops’. The latest in the range of creatively designed chappals, PaperFlops is composed of about two pounds of recycled newspaper and certain natural products such as coconut husk and shells, palm tree root, and natural rubber. While the recycled newspaper is molded in a way to support the feet, the straps, base and sole are made of the sustainable materials, thereby ensuring durability, water resistance, and a good grip.

Recycled Newspaper Flip-Flops 2

Costing about €26 a pair, PaperFlops is thus, eco-friendly as well as stylish. It has also created employment opportunities for the disabled and underprivileged people in Yogjakarta, Indonesia. Workshops are arranged to train and educate these people about various such handy arts and crafts they can make and sell to be self-sufficient. Apart from PaperFlops, numerous sandals, pencil boxes, and workshops have also been successfully created.

Recycled Newspaper Flip-Flops 3

As of now, this nascent line of flip-flops is looking for funding through Ulule, a European cousin of Kickstarter that helps you discover and fund original and creative projects around the world.

Via: Ecouterre