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Sugar coated jewelery leaves a sweet flavor in the wearer’s mind

natalie smiths sugar encrusted jewelry

Yummylicious is the word which best describes these beautiful ornaments. Picture your jewelery sugar coated in sweet nothings. I’d end up licking up the sugar off the jewelery if I was to wear any of them. Designer Natalie Smith, a UK based jeweler, has won many accolades, one of them being at the Preziosa Young Contemporary Jeweler Exhibition in 2010. Being an accomplished jewelery designer, she has designed many sweet and sophisticated pieces of jewelery which would decorate the clothes of the wearer. Showcasing her designs at a number of European jewelery trade shows this year, she has surpassed her own creativity with the lustrous designs. Her work is scheduled to appear in the North American publication Fresh: Metalsmith in Print 2011.

As per the artist:

Each sugar-encrusted bauble begins a transient life dictated by the environment in which it is worn.

Though, the designer does not know what will happen to her work after its completion but then she does not give up hope. Creating her work is a very alluring and soothing work for Natalie. Her sugar encrusted baubles allow the wearer to experience themes of growth, transformation and disintegration. The wearer of the artistic pieces of jewelery should consider themselves very lucky, for it’s not very often one gets to wear such trendy, elegant and artistic pieces. The pieces of jewelery would be available in August and of course, if you want to wear them, then the wait would be well worth it.

Via: Ecouterre