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SunPort wants to change the clean energy game a new way

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Using clean energy is good but not everybody can use solar panels all the time. Many constraints thwart people to have solar panels on their roofs, thus leaving them with no access to solar energy. How about a gadget that separates production of solar energy from its consumption, which can allow people to have access to clean energy anytime and anywhere they want. This is quite possible with the help of SunPort device invented by Paul Droege.

Provides solar energy access anytime anywhere

It is just not feasible for many people to install solar panels on the roof of their house but the SunPort seems to solve this problem effortlessly. The device looks like an ordinary power outlet but does a spectacular job to provide clean energy to its users eliminating requirement of solar panels. Moreover, its smart and a portable design offer its users to have access to solar energy in their home, office, college, or on the go.

How it works

The SunPort device tracks the amount of energy being drawn and accordingly purchases solar microcredits from ReChoice (a non-profit firm). The microcredits are known as the SunJoules that are created by breaking S-REC’s (Solar Renewable Certificates) into increments. Those increments are small but sufficient to suffice an individual’s energy requirement. This technology allows people to consume solar power without having solar panels installed on their roofs.

You plug the SunPort device into any power outlet on the wall and you can charge your gadgets using solar energy without your owning solar panels. When we say SunPort enables you to access solar power without any solar panels, this means the power is produced using solar panels but you need not own them. Paul Droege gave a simple example explaining the science behind SunPort that it works just like your Smartphone that runs on a network you do not own.

One more misconception people have is that one has to pay double amount for the power they will be using via SunPort, which is just a myth. You get electricity at the same cost with a nominal addition that goes for the maintenance of solar farms that provide you with the clean energy.

SunPort is a solar product that does not have solar panels, yet it provides clean solar energy for use to its users. A great product that can help you save environment.

Source : Ksr-Ugc.Imgix.Net