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Superb electric Mountain bikes for awesome eco adventures

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Some people love living in the fast lane and are always on the lookout for some adventure and fun. If this adventure is combined with care for Mother Nature then even better and in fact, it should be that way always. Mountain bikes are one such way of having some awesome fun and there are some really superb models which are eco-friendly and ideal from the point of view of conservation of nature. Here are few such electric mountain bikes with which you can have lots of fun without having any detrimental effect on the environment.

  1. BultacoBrinco Off-Road Electric Bike

BultacoBrinco Off-Road Electric Bike

This is a durable and wonderfully designed bike. It has a 2 KW motor and 1.2 KWh lithium-ion battery. It has three modes Eco,Tour and Sport. The best part is the designing of this half bicycle and half motorcycle mean machine.Eco mode gives a motor output of 800 Watts ,Tour mode gives an output of 1500 Watts and Sports mode gives a motor output of 2000 watts and the company Bultaco calls it world’s first motor-bike.

  1. Greyp G-12 e-bike

Greyp G-12 e-bike

This 49 Kg e-bike was designed by a mechanical engineer of Rimac. One can choose from pedalling with motor assistance or simply go in for the motor. While riding in motor one can select three modes that is Street, Eco and Power. It has 1.3 KWh Lithium iron phosphate battery and its charging takes around 80 minutes. One can switch between modes using the tablet like touchscreen interface. It has a steel frame and carbon fibre body and front and rear shocks.

  1. Qulbix Raptor

Qulbix Raptor

It has a large battery compartment and hence allows high volumes and Amp-hours.It can make use of four types of motors which include Crystalyte HT3525,Crystalyte 4080, Crown” motor (TC80)and the Cromotor from ZelenaVozila. The last one is the most popular one. The controllers used are Lyen 18-FET, and the Kelley KHB. This bike can accept tiers of 3 inches thickness.In brakes, the Shimano Zee hydraulic brakes are the most preferred ones.This is definitely a dream machine for the ones who live life in the fast lane.

  1. Bomber by Stealth Electric Bikes

Bomber by Stealth Electric Bikes

It has 5.2 KW of electrical output. It has superb acceleration and very good suspension. It has 6 piston hydraulic brakes. It has good quality Lithium battery and a customised battery management system. The mountain bike tires are one of the best. The weight of the bike is around 53 kgs. It has 250 mm of rear wheel travel and 200 mm of front wheel travel.It has Magura hydraulic disc brakes. The bike has two performance modes.

  1. The awesome EMX

The awesome EMX

Designed in Austria the bike is available in two models. One is known as Street and other is known as Cross. There are foot pegs to rest one’s feet. The motor used in the Cross model is a 6.7-hp Austrian-built brushless hub motor.1.5 kWh Panasonic Lithium ion battery is used. The charging time is 5 hours.It has a turbo button for quick acceleration. It has hydraulic disc brakes. The Street version is little on the lower side.The frames have been built by Pacific cycles and the assembling is done in Austria. The pricing for both the models is almost the same.

There are plenty of options available if one wants to go in for this hybrid machine. It is an awesome and innovative combination of a bicycle with a bike which helps you get the power in an eco-friendly way.