Surprise energy efficiency tactics – Get a pool at home!

To go by some researches, energy consumption rate of homes with swimming pools is much higher than the ones without. This does not mean that eco conscious people should stop making swimming pools a part of their homes, rather all you people need to learn are some tactics that can save your swimming pool from turning into energy hog.

Tips to reduce energy consumption

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Swimming pools do consume electricity but when they start consuming too much of it, get one thing for sure that you are the one to blame. Making your swimming pool an energy efficient pool or the one that wastes so much of power is absolutely in your control. Here are some very effective tips you can follow to reduce your pool’s energy consumption:

Invest on Energy efficient swimming pool pumps

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Usually a pool pump accounts for an increased power consumption of a pool. You can get rid of this by using a small pump that has superb energy efficiency. Single-speed pump and variable-speed pump are the two types of pumps available; you should pick the second one. It helps reduce energy consumption up to 75 percent, as it optimizes energy usage by switching between slow and fast modes.

Set the timer

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Some people out of ignorance let the pool pump running entire day, which results in massive electricity wastage. The energy efficient pumps you get these days already come with the timers set, as they say six hours of pumping is sufficient in a day. If you want to bring some changes, you can always set the timer and it will start and stop working after set intervals, thus, saving a lot of electricity. And if some days you feel the water is already clean, you can either skip or make the pump work for a very short period.

Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming pool cover is a pool necessity, so ensure you invest on one. It plays an integral role to enhance energy efficiency of a pool. A cover keeps the water clean, which means you need not keep the pool pump running for long doing cleaning and wasting electricity. Secondly, a cover prevents evaporation from the pool, thus, enabling water conservation.

You can choose from a variety of pool covers available on the market. However, if you want to further enhance the eco-friendly quotient of your pool then it is better you get a solar-powered pool cover.

Some pool covers are meant to be put on manually, while the others cover the entire pool within seconds just at a click of a button. Other important factors worth considering while buying pool covers are durability, insulation value, and safety.

Make pool heating energy efficient

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Three ways that people use to heat water in their swimming pools, gas, heat pump, and solar power. Solar pool heater is the most eco-friendly option to heat up pools, and they even last longer than the other two options.

When you only want to heap up your pool for a short period, or to heat up a pool that you hardly use, the gas pool heater is the most convenient option. Moreover, gas heaters are able to maintain desired temperature despite the most opposite weather conditions. Heat pump pool heaters also have their fare share of advantages, as in they are durable than gas heaters, and are more energy efficient than gas heaters.

It is fun to have swimming pools at home only when you know how to make them energy efficient. You must know all those tricks and tips that contribute to increasing a pool’s energy efficiency.

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