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Seven sustainable accessories for eco friendly offices

Seven sustainable accessories for eco friendly offices

You would be shocked to know that more than 10% of all landfill waste is the outcome of our office supplies. However, with the growing awareness among people many workplaces are going green. From the regular contemporary office supplies, they have switched to recycled and sustainable office accessories. Pens, staplers, highlighters, desk caddies, etc. are some of the regular office supplies that have an enormous impact on the environmental. If your office is also going green, then make sure that you have the below mentioned seven sustainable accessories for Eco-friendly offices.

1. The Pilot B2P water bottle pen

The Pilot B2P water bottle pens are the newly introduced environment friendly pens. They are produced by Pilot and are commonly known as B2P. These pens have received their interesting name from their basic ingredient, which is 89% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. It is definitely a cool idea from Pilot to be Eco-friendly, so I thought I would suggest you to pick some of these useful pens.

2. Water-powered calculator

Most of us need to use a calculator almost on a daily basis. If you ask me whenever required I quickly hit F12 on my laptop and bring up my dashboard. I have placed a handy calculator widget here, which conveniently waits for me to do all my numerical bidding. However, if you are one of those who does not prefer accessing a calculator app, program or widget on your laptops and computers, the water-powered calculator is the best suitable option for you. It will help you to avoid superfluous battery use in the office.

3. Energy efficient printer

Most of the Eco-friendly offices, try to be paperless office as well. If your office is one of them and even then you absolutely need to print something, than make sure that you use an environment friendly and energy efficient printer. The HP Laser Jet P4015x helps in reducing energy usage by up to 50% with their unique feature called “Instant-on” technology. However, it is suggested that things are to be printed can be simply saved, or e-mailed or even converted to PDF format. Have you ever noticed that most of the newer computers provide you with an option to choose “print to PDF” other than directly printing it to paper.

4. Desktop computers

When it comes to desktop computers, Apple’s Mac Mini is claimed to be the most affordable as well as energy efficient computer in the world. As informed by Apple, “the power supply for Apple’s Mac Mini is decreased from 110 W to 85 W. Also, now it is up to 90% energy efficient. These computers have a built-in power supply, which means there are no plastic housing, also has less weight, as well as less cable clutter. In addition to this when the Apple’s Mac Mini gets on idle not, or is not in use, then the computer sips a miniscule 10 W of power, which is 25 W less than the earlier generation.

5. The Eco-button

This is one more sustainable office device. Eco-button is a USB device, which will help you to put your computer in sleeping mode whenever you step away. Various devices such as televisions, microwaves, printer, computers, etc. draw electricity, when they are plugged in. Even if your computer is not on and is plugged it, it will surely draw electricity. The Eco-button will not only avoid the wastage of electricity, but helps in reducing your electricity bills.

6. Solar gadget charger

Snag is one of the most economical solar gadget chargers. It will provide power to your nearly dead mobile phone, mp3 player, pda, etc. You can also get a bigger charger that will have big panels, which could be easily used for your laptop. You can easily turn any office tech into environment friendly equipment simply by using these solar chargers. To add more to your excitement the cheapest solar gadget available in the market for charging your mobile phone or pda would cost you around $ 30.

7. Smart power strip

Smart power strips is one of the most useful devices. It is designed to control the flow of power. Basically, it is designated outlet that regulates the power drawn by other devices. For example, if the desktop computer is plugged in this control outlet, then the other outlets will receive power only when the computer is on. Also, it will not draw any power when the desktop computer is shut down. Usually, it has a few outlets, which are “always on”.

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