Sustainable farming techniques that bring food security

Various techniques employed in sustainable farming such as drainage and crop rotation claim to work wonders to eliminate food scarcity. Pressure on food supplies is ever increasing with the increase in population but it is becoming far more impossible to meet the food needs. Sustainable farming seems to be a good solution that helps farmers to use land for the best of its capacity and eliminate food scarcity.

Why sustainable farming is beneficial?

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You must have heard several times that sustainable farming is an eco-friendly technique that helps save environment from many negative impacts and more but do you know what exactly and how is it different from the traditional farming methods, and why is it known to have so many benefits. Sustainable farming is a procedure that maintains the land quality and helps people to have healthy lives, which intensive agriculture methods miss.

Fertilizers and pesticides used in intensive agriculture do increase production for few initial years and then they start showing their real harmful effects. Be it land, food products, or the surroundings, pesticides and fertilizers leave a very bad impact on them. They make the land barren, thus, increasing the food scarcity risk and degrade health of people who consume foods that farmers grow using a lot of harmful chemicals and fertilizers.

On the other hand, the sustainable farming methods help making the environment good and the methods are simple and affordable. Those methods help produce healthy crops that are ideal for human consumption and they have minimum impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly benefits of Sustainable farming and how it eliminate food scarcity

Soil maintenance

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Soil in which farmers grow crops has to be of top quality, as then only it can produce better quality crops. The better the quality the better is the yield, and sustainable farming methods they maintain the quality of soil pretty well. Plowing is a traditional and sustainable farming method that makes soil healthy and ideal for crop production. Adding natural eco-friendly fertilizers to the soil over chemical fertilizers is yet another reason that makes sustainable farming so beneficial.

Water management

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Sustainable farming methods help increase food production using natural methods and by ensuring proper water management. Effective land drainage is one technique used in sustainable agriculture to improve the quality of soil without wasting water, which is also a scarce essential. Farmers following sustainable farming choose native crops over foreign crops because local crops suit local weather and do not demand large amount of water, which is a super smart water management technique.

Plant Variations

Plant Variations

Sustainable farming is all about growing variations of the same species of crop. For this, farmers arrange for seeds from other sources that have genetic differences. These genetic differences help strengthen crops. For instance if a particular crop is vulnerable to a specific pest attack, its variations would not be susceptible.

Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation is the oldest, the most popular and the most efficient method of sustainable farming. It means to grow a particular crop one year, and the next year you go in for the plantation of some other crop. This simple procedure has a very big ad essential purpose to serve, i.e. to replenish the soil nutrients that previous soil has depleted.

If you continue to grow same crop every year, the soil would not get time to replenish nutrients, thus, degrading the soil quality and lowering food production. This is one great reason that makes crop rotation method of sustainable farming a technique that aids elimination of food scarcity from an economy.

Sustainable farming should be given more and more importance over intensive agricultural methods because it is an eco-friendly procedure that benefits not just the environment but also people, as they get healthy, chemical free, organic food for consumption.

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