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Sustainable Jacroki fabric reigns Kisim’s Summer Collection

Kisim Bags’ new collection

Kisim bags first became famous from the popular series of the Sex and the City. These bags added grace to the memorable characters of the serial. Within no time these bags managed to set trends overnight across the world through a matter of a few seasons. With its minimalist style and well designed bags, Kisim has managed to establish itself and gained the name of ‘cube’ bags – strong enough to handle everyday wear and tear. Moving from their traditional leather fetish though, in 2011, Kisim promises to be more nature friendly fabric that has been part of its collections for a few years now. The wonderfully versatile Jacroki fabric – a beautiful fabric that combines the delicacy of paper bought out best in the Kisim collection along with the tenacity and look of leather. What’s better – it is a highly sustainable material that has been relatively unknown in the fashion business.

Kisim’s researchers discovered Jacroki in the Hulon Musuem in Israel a few years ago and ever since have managed to turn this wonderfully malleable material into an integral part of their designs. Made out of 80% paper fibers, it is a highly environment-friendly product. What appealed to the Kisim designers is how the wonderful fabric lends itself to the creation of varied designs and shapes. However, the Summer 2011/12 collection gives the fabric a twist of ‘nature.’ Emphasizing on its recyclable and sustainable nature, the Jacroki bags in Kisim’s Winter collection come in pastel shades. The colors and designs all accentuate the sturdiness of the material itself and highlight the versatility of the paper-like fabric. The collection has enough to appeal to the varied tastes – whether it is the Zebra bag that would be an immediate hit with the outgoing ladies who prefer a dash of bright color in their accessories, the Petel bags for the bohemian chic look, or the Daily design for the women who prefer to remain sober but stylish.

The chosen motif for the Jacroki collection are birds. Adding to the nature friendly look is the use of the bird motif that compliments the neutral shades, especially when it comes to the Hobo bags. The entire collection aims for a relaxed look, minus overbearing details. The strong fabric remains the focus with the embossed patterns and the muted zippers and stitching. The innovative nature of the fabric remains the crown of this collection. Each design, fresh in itself, much like the Wild bag has an understated yet beautiful look. The crinkled papery pattern gives the bags their deceptively fragile look.

Kisim has made use of this fabric to its maximum best and it is bound to create waves in the fashion world because of its sustainable, recyclable nature, and its ability to easily replace leather as a more animal and nature-friendly option.

Via: iDesign