A sustainable lifestyle comes easy with HanlloAsia!

When you travel in a bus or train, you may find many people occupying seats that are more deserved by those in need. If capable people adopt a standing lifestyle, then it can solve the problems of others who may need to sit.Considering this, a Chinese designer Yang YongZhu Sha came up with a brilliant idea that can make the standing lifestyle fun and interesting, as well as eco-friendly. Read on to find out about hisgreen product called HanlloAsia!

The design and usefulness

HanlloAsia! is actually a handle that motivates the lifestyle to say “Hello! Asia.” This handle can be used in public transport vehicles in order to drive a helpful lifestyle while giving a chance to commuters for charging their USB devices on the way. The best thing about this handle is its self-charging capability.

The charging process is completely green, as it happens when people move while traveling. Their body-shake generates power for this handle. Additionally, it is fun for standing people as they can keep noticing changing emoticons, commercials,andmultiple types of information on its LED screen. While they stand, it offers help to women with kids and elderly people who may want to sit comfortably.

Appearance and functionality


The handle has a very simple design. Still, it works very efficiently to support a standing and caring habit.Its sustainable construction leads to a sustainable action. The matte grip on this handle offers complete comfort and convenience while standing in a moving vehicle. There is a polyester belt to connect each handle to the top rod.A chargeable battery is fitted inside the main part that connects the grip to the belt via an LED screen that helps with USB charging.Travelers can connect their devices to this USB charging port and can check the charging status on the LED screen.

Contribution to the environment

This unique and innovative handle gives an effective contribution to our environment. As it is powered by manual activity, there is no use of electric power to light up the LED screen or charge USB devices of travelers. It also saves power that you would have otherwise consumed in charging your devices. The major ecological benefit is that a simple handle is promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

HanlloAsia! is a green handle for use in public transport, and it drives an eco-friendly and helpful lifestyle among commuters. People may not only care for their co-travelers by standing for power, but may also charge their gadgets while traveling.

Source : DesignBoom.Com

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