Best sustainable lighting devices for green homes


Huge crisis of energy is bringing together all the inventors of the world to create energy- efficient and eco friendly alternatives for products that are more generally used in our daily lives. Replacing the usual incandescent bulbs inside our homes with LED lighting can prove to be quite beneficial. Study proves that a normal incandescent bulb loses almost 98 percent of the energy that is supplied to it as heat, while an LED bulb loses only 20 percent as heat. The additional benefit is that LED bulbs last much more than the normal incandescent bulbs.

Following is a list of the best sustainable lighting devices for green homes:

1. Riflessi – Solar powered lighting concept tests your creativity


Riflessi is a lighting system which has been designed by Yana Klimava. The Riflessi has two parts: the fabric and the mirror droplets, and it can work all throughout the day. The fabric absorbs the sunlight during the day while the mirror droplets reflect this sunlight all across the room. At night, the fabric uses the already absorbed solar energy to provide power to the embedded LEDs. When the mirror droplets are placed on the fabric, a beautiful illuminated pattern is created and this pattern can be changed by altering the position of the fabric.

2. Remote controlled LED light bulb saves even more energy

LED bulb

This concept LED EcoBulb has been designed by Seokjae Rhee and it aspires to improve the energy-efficiency of LED bulbs by using an exclusive system that illuminates only what is needed. It features a remote control with the help of which the user can change the brightness as well as control the direction of its illumination. The concept bulb is believed to be helpful in conserving energy by illuminating only the required parts of a room.

3. LED lamps shining 16 million different shades

LED lamps

This LED lamp from Philips can illuminate 16 million exclusive colors. Each light can be controlled by a wireless RF remote. 6 fixtures can be simultaneously controlled by synchronizing the colors for a dramatic effect. This lamp will surely prove to be a visual delight with a touch of green.

4. Orbital Light – hanging LED delight

Orbital light

Designed by Lucie Koldava, the Orbital Light is a stylish pendant lamp featuring bright and vibrant LED diodes. It is surely going to dazzle up your home or any place where it is placed because the design of the lamp assures to create a new pattern always. The LED diodes not only makes the lamp look trendy and stylish, but also save energy.

5. Cohda’s Crypsis: Innovate lighting solution with LED brilliance

Cohda's Crypsis

Crypsis, designed by the Cohda Design Limited, is an exclusive lighting system that will help the world to go green. Low voltage LED mechanism has been used to develop this lighting system. It absorbs energy from either sunlight or any other source of light from it’s surrounding to light up at night.

6. Google partners with Lighting Science Group to bring out Android LED light bulbs

Android LED light bulb

Famous search engine company Google, along with the Lighting Science Group has manufactured the A19 LED bulb that can function with any android enabled gadget which acts as it’s remote control. The bulb has the ability to adjust itself in order to conserve energy.

7. SolarBrick : A hot light designed for cool homes

Solar Brick

Solar Brick is a product that will not only conserve energy but also make a place look more beautiful. It is a solar powered waterproof device and can be used in your cars or even in your home. It is very useful in traffic usages. Being charged with solar power, this gadget requires minimum care and can work for minimum 10 yrs without any maintenance.

8. Ecovolt : Solar powered lighting device to light up your dwelling


Ecovolt not only lights up your interiors but also beautifies it at the same time. It uses solar energy to charge up and the process of charging is also very simple. Just attaching it to your window will charge it up to give you light at night. It consists of three parts and features a rope and a remote control.

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