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Sustainable Stuart: Two semi-detached green homes for urban dwellers

Sustainable Stuart’s energy efficient homes

The Sustainable Stuart is the name of a residential home project designed by Imagine Infill in Denver (Colorado). The home gets its name from the street it is located on – Stuart Street! One of the Stuart homes called Stuart 3288 is a recipient of the Energy Star, EPA Indoor AirPlus, LEED Gold certifications. This innovative and sustainable project has been designed by Sexton Lawton.

The founder of Imagine Infill – Jonathan Alpert – who is trying to develop stylish designs for the urban dwellers that is eco-friendly and modernistic at the same time. The Sustainable Stuart project basically is a single structure that contains two semi-detached homes. The home conserves energy as it has a highly efficient water heater, furnace and lighting; Energy Star appliances and windows, a super-insulated covering as well as perfectly placed windows to promote cross ventilation.

The home makes use of other eco-friendly features such as minimal-VOC paints and finishes, modified landscaping tolerant to droughts, super-efficient solar water fixtures and recycled material has been brought to use inside the home. The 5,600 square foot area of the two homes is brilliantly designed making it ultra-modern with maximum natural light.

Global warming is a stark reality and we all must do our bit to start living in a sustainable way. Conserving energy from the home should always come first in our initiative to preserve the earth and the Sustainable Stuart project does precisely that. Green homes should be encouraged and adopted for guilt-free living and a greener environment!

Via: JetsonGreen