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Sustainable willow coffins for a green burial

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We are living in times where going green has become a style statement. When everything from your home to your office to your vehicle is going green, then how could burials remain untouched? Dave Elliott, a willow basket maker, is all geared up to do some good for the environment. He just finished preparing a willow coffin in the workshops of P H Coate & Son’s English Willow Coffins at the Willows and Wetlands Visitor Centre in the village of Stoke St Gregory near Taunton earlier this week.

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What interested me the most was the fact that the family that gave birth to the company way back in 1819 has been into growing and weaving willow in the heart of the Somerset levels for nearly 200 years. Crafted by skilled basket makers, the handmade willow coffins made by using traditional and sustainable methods are gaining a lot of popularity among people. Not only are they a perfect green alternative to the traditional coffins, but also are also nice to look at.

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Via: Zimbio