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Sustran: Future of sustainable rail transport is here!

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Conceived by Thomas Mascall, Sustran is a concept railway passenger carrier that seeks to allow us a peep into the future of sustainable rail travel. With green features, like photovoltaic film spread across the entire length of the roof, hemp- and natural resins-made seating compartments, floor, ceiling panels and connecting walls, some hi-tech displays, perfect insulation from sound, and large, full width windows for UV protection and minimized reflection, the Sustran does well on all fronts: energy generation, material selection, comfort and overall design.

The roof-embedded photovoltaic film produces enough renewable energy to meet the train’s energy requirements. Lighting, doors, and passenger power sockets, all are powered with solar energy. The hemp- and resin-made interior offers perfect comfort within a biodegradable frame.

Much to the benefit of train staff and passengers alike, the display at the entrance carries information on train’s destination and time of departure. As you look out of the full width windows featuring anti-glare glass, sun will never be a spoilsport to a visually sumptuous experience.

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Via: Bombardier