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Swappa: Eco friendly speakers for audiophiles on the move

Swappa speakers

A good speaker can make the experience of listening to your favorite songs touch new heights. But, in this environment conscious world, how about speakers that whiff eco friendly tunes? Kevin Bone, an environment lover, has designed one such product named the Swappa-Speakers. He is presently studying at the Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand, and has made an effort to recycle things.

The speakers have been fashioned using thrown away products, which had lived their life. They are handy and can be carried almost everywhere. Like other hefty items, Swappa can be easily packed when not in use and they won’t consume much space as well. The product is very efficient and has been carved in an eye-appealing manner. The whole setup consists of an outer wooden box, woolen clothing and integral speaker components. Swappa speakers can be assembled easily without the use of any complicated tools, glue or screws. This will save precious time and make it a much desirable product.

New Zealand, since ages, has been following the ‘do it yourself’ tradition, which the designer has kept alive in his eco friendly creation. The wooden boxes used have been kept in their original form. No extra efforts have been made to hide the printing that accompanies them. It gives the wood casing a unique look. He has aesthetically blended the old and new wood making Swappa all the more delightful.

Kevin has consciously kept the wooden base of the old speaker boxes intact, which is a reminder of the life they have already lived. The speakers can be coupled with MP3 players, cell phones and all other devices with a music list. Power is derived from a 3.5mm headphone plug, so carry it while traveling or use it in areas where there is no power.

So, wedge it on the wall or place it on your desk, these eco friendly speakers will always entertain you. Simply, snap them apart when not in use and listen to your favorite songs on the go. The best part being, they are environment friendly and will save precious space as well.

[Thank you, Kevin Bone]