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Swedish designer converts biscuit boxes into lightweight furniture

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Douglas Adams states with vigor in his Dirk Gently Detective series that some of the most genius ideas are ones that seem so obvious they make you wonder why you didn’t think of them before. Jonas Merian’s creations, especially his biscuit box table leaves you with the very same wonderment. The piece manages to bring out the striking designs on each box and at the same time cohesively fit in with the rest of the recycled items to form a minimalist design. With a little bit of pop art, a lot of recycled materials and a sturdy yet lightweight design, this biscuit box table is bound to win hearts even as it appears to be a wonderfully effortless way of recycling everyday items.

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A furniture designer with a keen eye for photography is bound to make visually stunning artifacts. Add to that Jonas Merian’s training in prosthetics and orthotics and out comes a wonderful set of concoctions. Each of these pieces finds its material in contemporary China, thus breathing delightful patterns into objects that have become part of the mundane Chinese life. The tin biscuit boxes, each with exotic pictures of the Orient adds a pop of color and foreignness to the otherwise simple design. Meant to be a lightweight table that can be carried around easily, the biscuit box table uses very few heavy items. Each of the box is lined with PU hard foam to make sure that it doesn’t cave in and at the same time manages to carry heavy weight. The top of the table is made from reclaimed wood from Shanghai’s old town. The entire design is held together by the steel frame and four metal pipes that run through the boxes.

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The table’s ingenious design makes it portable and at the same time a great fixture in pretty much any setting. For a person constantly on the move or for those looking for a less gaudy, simplistic oriental touch to their home, this is a great addition. Each of the recycled items comes with its own history, thus adding vintage value to the piece. To ensure that the recycled wood stays in a top notch condition for a long time, it is treated with bee wax and orange oil that keeps it preserved. The biscuit box table much like the Suitcase Cabinet is wonderfully easy to move and has a striking design that will appeal to everyone. Carrying on with his zeal for recycling all things old into appealing designs is the tea pot lamp, created out of a Chinese tin kettle found on every roadside. If you browse through the other items you realize that they all hold the same virtues as the biscuit box table: they are all easy to move, are made of items that are usually considered old or out of fashion and they certainly win brownie points as innovative designs.

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