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T-Mobile Goes Green

Sign up for the Green Account for a green world

Though not a prior objective, social responsibility is very much an obligation for all the major business houses operating in the world. Also, being such a major role players in the working of the economy of the country, it becomes their duty to take care of other aspects like environmental sustainability and consumer welfare also, along with working to earn maximum profits. However, the T-Mobile company has taken the initiative to go green in the public and make its contribution to cope up with the rising problem of green house gases and other pollutants.


Recycling the phones

Being one of the leading mobile phone and cellular service imparting companies in the United States of America, it has done its own bit through the business ventures only to make the world go green. The company offers all its customers the facility to get their mobile phone sets recycled once they are completely damaged. All the retail stores of the company accept the damaged phones and hence encourage their customers to get them recycled instead of throwing them away and increasing to the already alarming level of pollution in the environment.

1 million trees-An achievement

The cellular company has also started a plan in which it invites the customers to sign up for a ‘Green Account’. Every time a new member joins the green community created by the T-Mobile and signs up for a new account, the company plants a tree for that, result being evident that the company has planted 1 million trees so far across the country. Thus, it helps to make the world a greener and cleaner place. Though started as small assignment, the world has joined with this project to make the world a green place and hence the company is celebrating its successful venture that was introduced for the welfare of the society.


The entire world has gone wireless with the introduction of mobile phones, which has resulted in the establishment of new companies which provide the services. These companies can contribute the most in making the world a sustainable place and helping to cope up with the problem of green house effect. However, with its initiative and consequent success, T-Mobile has set up an example for other companies to follow and fulfil their social responsibilities too. The world is also supporting the Green movement started by the company and getting associated with this cool venture by signing up.

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