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Table Cloth installation by Ball-Nogues moves beyond three R’s

table cloth installation 1

Reduce, reuse and recycle: the mantra has inspired eco-artists to create art from almost anything. Expanding this adage a bit further with the inclusion of “cross-manufacturing,” the UCLA Architecture and Urban Design proudly unveil their innovative Table Cloth installation. The installation, erected in the courtyard of the Schoenberg Music Building for summer performances, utilizes numerous coffee tables arranged beautifully to produce a floral pattern on a flat sheet. The university sought the expert services of Los Angeles designers Ball-Noques Studio for the project.

table cloth installation

Once the installation has served its purpose, it’ll be “dismantled to become smaller-scaled household commodities, tables and seating.” Creators call it “cross manufacturing,” and they consider it better than recycling since it doesn’t downscale the primary material.

table cloth installation 2

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Via: Dezeen