10 Eco friendly pieces of art made using old license plates

What do you do with your old and rejected license plates? Put them somewhere in the store room to rot! Do you know that you can create eco friendly art items using old license plates? Sounds unique, but it is absolutely true! There are some creative peopl

Seven stunning examples of art made from money

Have you ever imagined that the money that we use can be used to create stunning artworks? Yes, it’s true! Some creative people have used the money to come up with artworks that are simply amazing and unbelievable. At a time when we are concerned only

Best of 2011: 10 Recycled art pieces made using discarded metal

Metal junks are part of urban life. They are toxic for landfills and as junk costly for environment, considering the energy used in unearthing those metals. Despite this in many parts of the world they remain un recycled. Hence, nothing could be better if

Eight creative examples of recycled art from used pencils

Pencils come in a variety of shape, size, color and texture. They are used for writing, drawing and coloring. However, pencils become useless after they are sharpened for a number of times. While most of us simply throw these used pencils and buy a new on

10 examples of artwork taking recycling to an extreme

Recycling is the new buzzword and going by the number of people who embrace the trend, the craze is surely gaining widespread popularity. If you thought that recycling involves just bags and boxes that you get from super markets, think again! Recycled ar

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