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Give new dimensions to your writing with eco-friendly pens

Is being eco-friendly just a trend, or something that we strive to do, as our own small contribution towards a healthy planet? Individuals, groups, companies are trying to promote this concept as their social contribution towards the earth’s cause. Going green or use of green technology is one step towards creating something that does not damage the earth. Green energy or technology can relate to personal or professional lifestyle changes, or just some simple things like ‘Eco-Friendly Pens’. These simple instruments can influence an ecologically and environmentally responsible society.

Use of green or Eco-friendly products

As there is a great buzz around the world regarding the use of green or eco-friendly products, many items are making their way into the market. An encouraging way of spreading eco-awareness is by using these green products for promotional use. Though promoting a business through the use of eco-friendly pens may not contribute a lot towards the ecological issues, you are making a commitment towards a better society. You are showing that you do care for the environment and are doing your bit to save it. Corporate and large businesses can make a considerable contribution when they place large orders for these eco-friendly pens. Along with the pens, a responsible business can use recycled paper sticky notes, notebooks and paper scratch pads to make a little more contribution to the environment. The additional bonus of using eco-friendly products for brand promotion is that you are showing your customers that you are committing yourself towards resolving environmental issues.


Pens manufactured from vegetable and plant products

You can even put your logo or advertise for your brand on an eco-friendly pen. These pens are either made from recycled plastic, recycled paper, recycled corn or from a vegetable derivative like bioplastic, wood or many other materials. They are competitively priced along with their traditional counterparts and give you many options in styles and colours. With such attractive outlooks and prices, there is no reason not to opt for an eco-friendly pen. These pens come with colour imprints which can be customized. Purchasing eco-friendly pens is a novel way of making an impactful impression on others.

Eco-friendly Pens are biodegradable

It is time to show the world that you care. Opt for a green choice and use eco-pens to advertise or simply make a statement. Pens manufactured from vegetable and plant products are biodegradable and can decompose once their use is over. All you have to do is to leave them in the garden. Even if you don’t leave them in the garden to decompose, they will slowly discolour over time and naturally enter the decomposing state. This is a great way of disposing unwanted or used things. You can also try to increase the life of your eco-friendly pens by storing them in their original boxes after use. This way you can use your green pens for a longer time. The normal conventional pens, may be discarded once you finish using them. This way, you are adding to the non-biodegradable waste, already burdening the earth.


Eco-Friendly pens are made of Wood

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials to make eco-friendly pens. They are quite attractive and are made with top quality raw materials. Ensure that the wood used for manufacturing these pens is taken from well-maintained forests, and not by deforestation. When you are taking the effort to buy eco-friendly products, to do your bit to the environment, also consider other things like where these pens are being manufactured. If you are sourcing from a faraway place, you are unnecessarily spending natural fuels. Consider purchasing eco-friendly pens from a manufacturer near you. Small considerations like these make a great impact on the environment.

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