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Technology Helping us Build A Greener Tomorrow

Be it an individual, small business or large corporates… Everyone has become highly environment conscious. Everybody is seeking to promote Eco-Friendly products and thereby do their bit in spreading environmental consciousness. A large part of going green is being done through technology that reduces carbon footprint to a great extent. Listed below are 3 ideas, where technology can be put into daily use, to do our bit towards having a eco-friendly environment.


Use of Internet

One of the best resources we have at our disposal is the World Wide Web. The wireless Internet has cut down our need for paper to a great extent. Most of us today read books online. Many even have devices such as the Amazon Kindle to store hundreds of books and files.

Many corporate companies have educated their employees about the need to conserve paper and ink, as a lot of energy is used in order to manufacture them and this process leaves great carbon footprints. Taking such steps has made professionals aware of the environmental facts, and people are now printing out papers and files only if necessary. Plus, many companies use recycled paper for printing. For a long time people did not use recycled paper for printing because it lacked the brightness and quality of new paper, but the technological advances in recycling have made this possible.

Recycling Waste

Recycling started almost a revolution across the world. Over the years,  most of us recycle whatever possible. In fact, there are people thoughtful enough, and take the time to separate their wet and dry waste to make it easier for sorting out. While recycling does help and must be encouraged, especially in the younger generations that need to be aware of the effect of garbage and waste products on the environment, the next step for us is to embrace products that are biodegradable. A simple online search can introduce us to a whole world of biodegradable products available in the market today. For example, we can find bamboo ballpoint pens that are completely recycled, natural and biodegradable.


Eco-Friendly Electronic Appliances

Offices as well as homes need to be comfortable for those who spend time there. This translates into having air conditioners, refrigerators, ample lighting, coffee machines, etc. Today, all appliances come with a star rating. The higher the star rating the more energy efficient the product is. Almost all air conditioner manufacturers are now striving to produce 5 star rating products to help the consumers save money as well as help the environment. The same applies to other products like refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee machines, and so on. Smart consumers prefer smart technology.

Even when it comes to lighting most people are now shifting to LED or CFL bulbs. Both these options are eco-friendly and use a fraction of the energy needed to light traditional incandescent bulbs.

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