Technopicnic makes the urban picnic more fun

Technopicnic is a backpack designed by Atelier Teratoma, an architectural studio nestled in Madrid. It is no ordinary backpack but a special one, which is equipped with speakers, solar panel, has social network connectability and doubles itself into a picnic table.

A backpack ideal for picnics

Technopicnic  1

You love going out into the wild for picnics but you do not like the thought of parting with the basic amenities such as your electronic gadgets, as there will be no way to charge them. To solve this problem and a few others, designers Eugenio Fernandez and Victor Nouman designed Technopicnic.

A backpack comes equipped with solar panels that make outdoor charging possible, a USB hub, Bluetooth speakers and screen for your entertainment, and lighting that allows you to explore outdoor settings without any trouble. While it is in the backpack form, you cannot even guess what all Technopicnic holds inside.

You unfold it and see it breaks into different pieces that include small sized trio of hairpin tables, and a pair of thermal pillows that allows you a comfortable seating outdoor. The silvery pillows and the overall design of the backpack give it an astronautic feel. The tables have glass holders to allow you sit comfortable with your drink placed on the table even in the wild and tough outdoor settings. USB port, screen and speakers enable you to listen to music, watch some videos and the speakers allow you to contact your loved ones via its social network connectability.

Light in weight

The smart backpack is easy to carry to the desired location as it is designed to be light despite of so many things it houses inside. All the features are special and make this backpack worthy enough to make picnics in the wild no less than an urban picnic with all the facilities at hand. People who used to avoid such adventurous picnics just because they could not part with the comfort and the essential things can now enjoy such breaks without sacrificing anything. Moreover, Technopicnic allows you to have an ideal urban picnic in an eco-friendly way, as it leaves no environmental impact.

Technopicnic is a backpack with everything you need to enjoy your city, spend time with friends, share a meal and connect with your network.

Source : InventorSpot.Com

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