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Teepee Floor Lamp – A bright white light with a green design

Tepee Floor Lamp

Are you looking for a lighting product that is cool and compact while being friendly and safe for the environment? In concern with the latest trend to go green while creating new and innovative products, designer Emmanuel Laffon de Mazières has made a bright attempt to come out with a unique lighting product he prefers to call the Teepee Floor Lamp. Though the product’s shape does not match the small traditional lamp’s, a careful observation would show the merging lamp shape at the top of the unit while its feet stand tall and firm on the floor. The Teepee Floor Lamp has been designed in way to be quite compact and modular.

The lamp holds a transparent look and can give a cool and stylish effect to any place. It is created using three light-emitting diode (LED) tubes that are used to minimize any impact on the environment. It is factual that the LED technology, as of now, remains to be the most efficient lighting source technology. Five times more efficient than a regular incandescent light bulb, an LED source may have around 20 years’ life. The Teepee Floor Lamp’s soothing white light may help you relax when you come back to your bedroom after a hectic schedule. It can also be used as a nightlight when there is a cool atmosphere required in the children’s room.

The Teepee Floor Lamp minimizes all kinds of obstruction when placed in a room. Its has a simple design with its three LED tubes attached to the top by a silicone joint, which is flexible enough and additionally makes the lamp modular. The joint makes the lamp lean against the wall so it may be placed in any corner. Due to this quality, it helps save the space in the center of a room so that can be utilized for other purposes. Also, the silicone joint allows the lamp to be collapsed when you may not need it standing in the room. As the lamp can be disassembled, it is easy to ship it simply in a tube, supporting the shipping process reduce its environmental impact. Even the process of disposing the lamp off is environmentally friendly and after getting disassembled, it can easily be recycled.

The idea behind making such a floor lamp has been to let it interact with the user in a playful manner. This product has the ability to strike the user at an emotional level and is not confined to mere functionality. It reflects the present-day lifestyle that is an integration of nomadic and Eco-friendly approaches. Users now-a-days require products that are modular, as well as naturally caring. The same is the concept behind offering such a lighting product as the Teepee Floor Lamp, which is apt for a fast-paced lifestyle. Anybody would easily get adaptable and attached to this light while it creates a sparkling effect in a room or hallway, or goes about protecting the light of the natural surroundings.

Via: Emmanuel Laffon de Mazières