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Telephone Clocks give new life to old Chinese telephones

Telephone Clock 1

Imagine walking up to a vintage looking old phone, picking up the receiver and just when you are about to dial finding out that it’s not a telephone but a clock. I know, it sounds like you are in a dream, which is the only place these things could happen. But, this telephone clock is for real designed by Jonas Merian in his studio in Shanghai.

Telephone Clock 3

It is an extremely simple and intelligent use of telephone by Jonas. Even before I tell you how it works, I am sure some of you would already have guessed its mechanism by now. And those who haven’t, the telephone clock is made out of an old Chinese telephone. The insides of the telephone is removed and replaced with the parts of a clock. And there you have your Chinese telephone clock with absolutely no fuss.

Telephone Clock 2

The clock is a perfect example of the beauty and the usefulness of the product made out of reclaimed materials. And Jonas is one such craftsman who enjoys working with reclaimed materials and showing his crafts to the world. As most of his works are made out of used materials, they bear the signs of previous usage on them and the telephone clock is no exception.

Similar to the Chinese telephone clock, Jonas has crafted many such beautiful objects from reclaimed, re-purposed, reused or upcycled material. His works including the Chinese telephone clocks are a perfect example of living green and quite inspirational.

Thanks, Jonas Merian

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