Ten amazing art pieces crafted from old junk

The thought of an artwork made out of old used junk doesn’t seem that appealing to our sensibilities. But some artists have rubbished that thought with their innovative creations that can actually be an inspiration for our generations to use wisely and reuse with even greater wisdom. Here are ten such amazing work of arts from recycling old junk:

Motorcycle Man Sculpture

There are a lot of robots and various Transformers made out of old metal junk, but the Motorcycle Man Sculpture is quite different really. This life size sculpture is the work of Robosteel and has been designed by Simon Roberts, as design artist. It took 750 hours of incessantly hard work to create this amazing Motorcycle Man by using old metal trash.

Weee Man

The Weee Man is again a sculpture made out of old discarded electric junk that was a part of day to day life like cell phones, washing machines and old computers. The Weee Man was a response to the irresponsible attitude of people towards disposing electronic waste and is a creation by British Royal Society of Arts. This sculpture weighs precisely 3.3 tons and is standing tall at the Eden Project, Cornwall, for inspiring people to dispose their electrical waste in a way in which it may be reused.

Ram Sculpture

The world is faced with a critically increasing volume of electronic waste as technology has become fast-paced and people keep disposing older gadgets very frivolously. This toxic electronic waste is fast polluting our land and seas. The Ram sculpture has been designed by Anna Smith using electrical and machine components for assembling many such miniature creatures like this and is a message that appeals to people for reducing and recycling electronic waste.

Giant Beach-Trash Bird

The Giant Beach Trash Bird is a colossal sculpture whose inspiration is the photograph of birds dying after feeding upon plastic that was captured by Chris Jordan. This inspiration was given a three dimensional twist by Angela Haseltine Pozzi, who is an Executive Director and artist at Artula Institute. This topic is a huge one that requires a lot of attention and to make it big enough to grab the attention of people was what the actual idea was. This massive bird was created by using the trash collected from the Bay area of California with the help of volunteers who put together this project successfully.

Recycled Trash Robot

The recycled Trash Robot is a creation of Brandon Jan Blommaert. This amazing sculpture has been inspired by Godzilla. Brandon has gone further to photoshop this trash monster with various backgrounds which makes it look simply stunning.

Colossal Sculpture

The Colossal Sculpture is a giant fish made out trash that sends out the message of ocean pollution that is leading to the wiping away of marine life and is spoiling the waterColossal Sculpture with the most damaging consequences. This sculpture is again designed by Angela Haseltine Pozzi, who is the founder and designer at the Artula Institute. This sculpture is an appeal to the people to help prevent marine pollution. It was constructed out of the garbage that was found dumped on the Oregon beaches.

Tin Mints Jewelry

Tin Mint is an art shop that recycles waste material found on beaches, construction sites and dumps and converts them into the most elegant jewelry, or other wooden pieces. They have crafted some of the most elegant art pieces by using tin roofing, old leather pieces and belts.

Recycled Trash Robot

The recycled Trash Robot is a creation by Brian Marshall, a sculptor who has crafted amazing robots by using recycled kitchen utensils, industrial metal scrap and so on. These sculptures do not work but are nevertheless stunning art pieces.

Trash Bag Garment

Wanda Cobar is one unique fashion designer from Chicago, who has recently come out with an amazing creation that is made out of black trash bags, used Doritos bags, some cotton for the corset, aluminum soda cans and Jimmy Johns Sandwich Wrappers all nicely sewn together. This dress rightfully called the Trash Bag Garment is very reminiscent of Marie Antoinette with the shrug, corset, petticoat and skirt – very elegant and aristocratic indeed.

Cory Barkman’s recycled lamp

The recycled lamp that has been put together by Cory Barkman is a great way to save old objects and prevent them from adding on to the overspilling landmines by giving them a new lease of life. This stylish lamp has a very antique look even though it is made out of recycled scrap. Cory has worked very cleverly to give this lamp a steampunk look which make them very appealing.

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