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Ten functional, recycled vehicles for a green ride

Recycled vehicles for a green ride

Vehicle recycling is the dismantling of old vehicles and creating new eco-friendly vehicles with old spare parts and other materials. At the end of their useful life, vehicles have value as a source of spare parts and this has given birth to a vehicle dismantling industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual and amazing recycled vehicles for a green ride.

1. Retro Recycled Roadster:

Retro Recycled Roadster

Ann Conte and Jeanne Wiley have given an all new avatar to this rusty car, which had once enjoyed the status of a MG Midget. They have epitomized the process of recycling for a durable use. Employing materials that are both new as well as recycled, they have tried to maintain the authenticity of the original product. Their artistic expertise does not compromise the appearance of the car. In fact the gear rod and head lights are ceramic, while the seats and windows are a contribution made by DuPont. Though amazingly designed, this car would have been a sure hit among those who like to go green, if only it had an engine. But it nonetheless makes one reminiscent of the retro fashions.

2. Snaefell Hybrid Car-Motorcyle:

Snaefell Hybrid Car-Motorcyle

This recycled vehicle is something that will give you the best of both worlds. This extremely unusual design of a motorcycle carved within the car has gained much attraction, though its performance has not yet been revealed. The brainchild of a French hospital worker, Francois Knorreck, this car combined with a motorcycle called Snaeffel, has taken10 years in its making. This recycled structure has come into existence after 10,000 hours of labour and has parts belonging to Audi, Volkswagen, and Citroen Xantia.

3. Womble Truck:

Womble Truck

The “Womble Truck” is a unique collection of different parts from 21 cars and can promise a speed upto 110 miles per hour sustaining merely on vegetable oil. It has rightfully bagged the tag of the most eco-friendly car produced in Britain. It is a concept materialized by Buzz Knapp Fisher, an environmentalist, who has exemplified the transformation of pollution generating petrol cars into much useful automobiles run on bio-fuel. Though a visibly recycled automobile, the “womble truck’ has compensated for its looks by being cost- effective and preserving its immediate environment.

4. Rock Auto:

Rock Auto

Sunday Okepere, hailing from Nigeria, has followed his childhood passion in making the “Rock Auto”, as he calls his car made from recycled junk available from other cars. He claims his model to be much stronger and efficient in terms of speed and overall performance. With its cost- effective techniques and raw material, it has appealed to the masses. Apart from this, it also is capable of detecting pot holes and flooded streets, adding to its various uses.

5. Z59:


A breathtaking design generated unbelievably from hand-made parts beginning from engine to the dashboard which comprises of home appliances. The Z59 is as astonishing as its original Ariel Atom. The master mind behind this model claims to have invested 800 hours in its making. It’s amazing to have something as powerful as this by restructuring recycled parts into a car and inserting a repaired engine. This quasi-sports car can promise a speed up to 140 miles per hour and will surely be loved by the young.

6. Balanced Over Batteries Car:


Drawing its inspiration from skateboard trucks, the Balanced Over Batteries car or the BOB car is designed by Robert Lange. It employs a similar technique of steering using the titling movement which can accommodate tight turns at 45 degrees. Constructed using recycled parts, this vehicle is extremely stable since it comes with electric batteries fitted below its cockpit. The car is truly an eco-friendly one, since its making cost Lange just 500$ while others in the category are much more expensive.

7. VW Camper Converted Into Tanker:

VW Camper Converted Into Tanker

This is a marvelous transformation of the love bus of the late 70s popular as the VWCamper into a noticeably recycled bus that runs not on wheels but tanker chains. It is perfect for carrying a large number of people besides being eco-friendly in its fuel emissions. The combination of a bus over a tanker chain articulates sophistication in the recycled model itself.

8. Suzuki Road-Ready Sofa Car:

Suzuki Road-Ready Sofa Car

Suzuki’s Road-ready Sofa car promises you the comfort of home while you travel. Strikingly innovative and made from recycled sofa pieces, this “drivable sofa” is fuelled by a cylinder engine. There’s only one brake fixed to the rear axle. You can experience the fun of driving while you relax on the couch with all its features of a conventional car, except that this one’s without a roof.

9. Nut mobile:


The “Nutmobile” has become green by including 20 percent of its fuel consumption through bio-diesel and collecting solar and wind energy to facilitate lighting system inside the truck. The car has set a perfect example of eco-friendly automobiles for the younger generation. It can accommodate three people besides our favourite Mr. Peanut.

10. Toilet Go-Cart:

Toilet Go-Cart

Dave has set out a perfect example of useful recycled objects by creating a portable toilet cart that can run up to 35 miles per hour using water coolers and two discarded toilet seats along with other scrap material. It can seat two people and can be of some real use when travelling to a remote place. With six tissue rolls, Dave has made it quite evident that though it has the facility to flush, tissues will come much handy!