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Texan uses discarded pipes and boats to cater to his own personal garden

boat for gardening

The eco soldier:

Leon Mozisek with his wife, Frances Mozisek live in Telferner. Leon likes to grow vegetables in his garden, some of them including tomatoes, squash peppers and others while his wife lovingly waters them and takes care of them.
Doing this as a hobby, both of them great pride in their line of work. Currently Leon works as an employee in an oil company. He made use of discarded pipes and materials to grow his plants. Leon has very aptly displayed the appropriate way of reusing materials for better and alternate opportunities.

The Arena:

Leon’s eco friendly idea took shape right in his home, in his backyard in Telferner, Victoria County, Texas and it has been a great success for him. Even though his schedule is jam packed, he was able to take out time to practise his idea and give shape to it.

The Eco Effort:

His idea took birth right in his house, rather, his backyard. Being an oil company’s employee, he managed to get hold of plastic dredge pipes. Splitting them open and fixing them with a water hose and putting in some soil, he planted his prized possessions inside them. The benefits of planting tomatoes, beans etc in these fixtures were simple. They required only 15 minutes of watering, no tilling and remained weed free. The plants grew well in such closed enclosures and did not require as much attention as they normally should. Also, as the pipes were curved, it meant more of of moisture retention and that allowed Leon to concentrate more on his work without having to worry about watering his plants. The recent addition to his collection is a boat which was washed ashore in a recent hurricane. He has conveniently put the boat to his use by putting a lot of soil and planting his plants inside.

The Impact:

The prime most impact of this wonderful technique of planting is that the gardener makes use of discarded pipes and materials for planting his plants. Making use of the advantages of using the pipes for his convenience, he was able to reuse material which would otherwise have been wasted. Also, by growing organic vegetables in his backyard, he has been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for his family. The vegetables he grows are 100% natural, chemical free, and taste much better. Of course, the fact remains unabated that the food has been grown right in his backyard.

Via: VictoriaAdvocate

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