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The 5 Common Types of Mice that Invade Our Homes

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Many different types of mice invade our homes almost on a regular basis. Identifying the type of mouse which has invaded your home can help us control and eliminate the invasion. Mice are of many types, though there are a few common types which nest in homes. Your home could be infested by one or more species too. Take a look at the five most common types of mice which are usually found in homes:

House Mouse

House MouseThese are mice which have short snouts, rounded ears and long tails. The color of this mouse ranges from dark to light brown. You can identify a house mouse from the high pitched squeaks and gnawing and scurrying sounds. Another indication of the presence of House mice in your home are the mouse droppings which are approximately quarter of an inch long, dark colored and have pointed ends. These mice are avid swimmers, jumpers and runners. They give birth to 5-7 pups every litter and produce 6-10 litters every year. It is necessary to take House mice prevention measures, as they can quickly take over your home.

Roof Rats

Also known as Black Rat, Alexandrian Rat, Fruit Rat or Ship Rat, these inhabit the upper areas of homes and buildings. They can be quite destructive as they gnaw the wires there, sometimes leading to outages and even fires. Mice prevention is therefore extremely necessary, to protect your home from accidents due to them. Roof rats are thin, have small ears and a pointed nose. Their eyes are protruding and large but these rats are color blind.

Norway Rat

Norway RatThese rats are also known as sewer rats, brown rats or gray rats. They usually nest and live underground. They can grow to a maximum of 16 inches, though the average size is 7-10 inches. The tail is 6-8 inches and they have huge, black eyes which jut out from the face. A typical female will produce up to 20 pups in the short life span of just 5 months to a year. Their droppings are longer than mice droppings.

Woodrats or Packrats

Wood rats are black, gray or brown in color. They are about 7 inches long, with a short tail. They have a thick and round, furry body, with large ears and bulging eyes. They grow on furniture, bedding, conduits and wires, fruit trees, paper and paper products thus causing considerable damage to homeowners.

Deer Mouse

Deer Mouse

Deer mice are bigger than House mice and are reddish to golden brown in color. They are approximately 4 inches in length with a furry tail measuring 2.5 inches. These mice are found more in the countryside than in urban areas. They commonly live in garages, under trees and in barns. They are nocturnal creatures and are most active before sunrise and after sunset. Their droppings are long, have blunt ends and are usually grouped together.

A mice invasion can wreak havoc on a home, as they destroy things which cannot be easily replaced, such as wooden furniture. They are also dangerous, as they cause accidents, so you have to take effective measures with the help of experts, to get rid of a mouse infestation.

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